Venue Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Hire

Please read these Conditions of venue rental contract carefully and sign on the front of the page.

* AFOHS Club Event Hall is not considered book until the front of this contract is signed and 50 % advance at the time of booking is paid in cash.

* AFOHS Club is not responsible for providing the event hall, set up and food on the day of the event if a full due amount is not paid in cash in 3 days before the confirm date of the event. Furthermore, the booking will be considered canceled if the full amount is not paid within 3 days before the event. In this case scenario, the 50% advance deposit will not be refunded back.

* The club management may require the client at any time to supply a detailed written description of all activities to be conducted on the premises during the booking hours.

* This agreement is signed for the specified hall and specified time only. This is the responsibility of the client to make sure all participants of event use only the specified area and this is the responsibility of the client to conclude the event within specified and applicable legal time. In case of violation, the client may be struck with a fine.

* This is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all participants of the event do not leave their minor children unattended at all times during their presence in the club premises. The club management, Options International PVT Ltd, and AHQ cannot be held accountable in any manner in case any unattended minor child/children get hurt, injured or any serious mishap happens.
* Client assumes full responsibility for any damaged caused to the facilities, set up, sound system, projector, crockery, building or any other area/ place/items by them, their attendees, guests and or vendors and agrees to pay the costs involved without hesitation.

* Client understands that AFOHS Club is a community club and is run by strict rules and regulations. The club is an alcohol-free premise and this is the responsibility of the client to make sure that none of the attendee attempt to use/consume alcohol and or narcotics during their entire presence in the premises of the club.  The club management reserve the rights to take strict actions against the violators and to hold the client countable in this regards.

* Rude behavior, loud music, uncontrolled celebrations and or any illegal activity will cause an immediate eviction from the premises as well as applicable prosecution in this regards.
* Absolutely no pets or any other kind of animals are allowed in any part of the premises.

* Absolutely no firearm licensed or unlicensed is allowed in the PAF Falcon complex and AFOHS Club. The violators can be prosecuted.
* Client agrees to make sure that all of his attendees will abide by the Falcon Complex rules and regulations.
* Client agrees to communicate to all his attendees the parking rules of the AFOHS Club and Falcon Complex. All cars parked outside the club boundary in a way which causes inconvenience and hindrance to the road users will be lifted and or fined.

* AFOHS Club marketing department reserves the rights to use the pictures of your event for marketing purpose.

* Client understands that live firecrackers and air shots are considered illegal to use within the PAF Falcon Complex and in the premises of AFOHS Club.

* Client understands that AFOHS Club management does not allow outside food for the event. Similarly, all vendors hired for the event must be registered with and approved by the AFOHS Club management.
* Client agrees that the club is liable to host and serve an agreed menu to the specified number of attendees. Since the club kitchen is going to prepare the food for specified numbers of guests and therefore will charge for the same even if less number of guests showed up.

* Client understands that the club will have to prepare and serve extra food if the number of attendees exceeds the specified numbers, the client agrees to pay same per person menu charges for all exceeding number of attendees on spot prior to leaving the premises. All your vendors, loaders, and maids/servants/drivers of the attendees who consume food and beverages will be considered as attendees and will be charged for.

* The client shall not issue any advance publicity/send an invitation to the use of the premises before signing the venue rental agreement.

* The client shall not display any poster, banner or advertisement in any part of the premises or PAF Falcon Complex without prior approval from the management of AFOHS Club.

* The client shall not admit attendees to the premises in excess of the number of seats available.

* The client shall indemnify and keep indemnified the management of AFOHS Club, Options International PVT LTD and AHQ against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims, and damages incurred for infringement of copyright arising from the client’s use of the premises.

* Client understands that the cancellation of the event, if it’s done 7 days prior to the event, will result in 50 percent refund of total deposit amount and the cancellation of the event, if it’s done with less than 7 days’ notice, will result in 25 % refund of total deposit amount. Furthermore, if the cancellation of the event is done within or 24 hours prior to the event startup time, the client will not receive any deposit back.