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  1. Brief History

The motivation behind the development of AFOHS Club was to develop a place for social networking and intellectual recreation and all other activities which compliment these for the officers of Armed Forces, residents of PAF Falcon Complex, qualified civil services officers, diplomats and business persons. Air Force Officers Housing Society Club is a major community asset for Pakistan Air Force, PAF Falcon community, and entire Lahore.

Management of the Club aligns with strategic aim “to promote the well-being and quality of life of the members and is also fully in sync with its strategic objectives “to promote the provision of accessible social, recreational, educational and cultural facilities within the community for the benefit of the members and their guests” and “to seek to create a socially inclusive and caring community”.

  1. Aims and ObjectivesThe primary motivation behind the ambition to assume management of the Club is the wish:
  2. To provide a centrally located, top quality, thriving community centre which will improve the quality of life for the whole local community.
  3. To promote the principles of personal development, healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, community engagement and empowerment and social inclusion within the bounds of our norms, religious / cultural values and socio-economic environment.
  4. To achieve this aim the management will operate the Club as a multi-faceted resource cultural and activity centre. The Club will offer a variety of spaces that will enable many and diverse cultural and sports activities to its members.



  1. General. The functioning of the Club will be managed through the Administrator and his team as per the vision of the Executive Committee Chaired by the worthy Base Commander Lahore under the patronage of Air Officer Commanding, Central Air Command. The details are given in the succeeding paragraphs.
  2. Role of Honour. Composition of role of honour is as under:-

(1) Patron-in- Chief. Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Admin)

(2) PatronAir Officer Commanding, Central Air Command

(3) ChairmanBase Commander, PAF Base Lahore.

(4) AdministratorAdministrator, AFOHS Club

(5) Secretary. Secretary, AFOHS Club

  1. Executive Committee

The Committee monitor all routine affairs of the AFOHS Club and finds solutions to the problems of the management and club members. It evolves up-gradation plans including renovation / new projects and policy matters. It meets as and when desired by the Chairman or as felt necessary.


  • The Executive Committee may hold its meeting once in a month which will be chaired by the Chairman – Base Commander of Lahore.
  • Composition
  • Chairman- PAF Base Commander Lahore
  • Members- President RAC

CEO, Options Group

Administrator, AFOHS Complex Lahore

CSO, AFOHS Complex Lahore

AD Det, PAF Housing Dte

Administrator, AFOHS Club

Secretary, AFOHS Club

  1. Advisory Committee. 8 members committee comprising of club members to advise and recommend the policies to benefit members and to ensure the implementations of code of conducts.


  1. Disciplinary Committee

(1) Composition. The composition of the Committee will be:-

(a) President – AVM Sajid Ali, President RAC

(b) Members – Administrator, AFOHS Club

CSO, AFOHS Complex Lahore

Secretary, AFOHS Club

(2) Role and Duties. The Role and duties of committee are to ensure the implementation of AFOHS Club discipline, Code of conducts, dress code of members and their guests and resolve all the issues concerning Falcon Community by keeping in view the interests of PAF authorities, Falcon Complex, Members and the management – Options International. The committee is authorized to preside over the hearings conducted for show cause notices given to members for their non-gentleman behaviour and for violation of code of conducts and bylaws of the club. The committee is also empowered to recommend the temporary suspensions, permanent suspensions, temporary cancellations and permanent cancellations of the memberships after the disciplinary hearings.






  1. Types and Classification of Memberships. Membership is confined to following types / classification:-
  2. Serving Retired Armed Forces Officers.

All Armed Forces Serving / Retired Commissioned Officers, spouse of Shuhada and widows are eligible and may apply for membership subject to approval after an interview by the AFOHS Club management / Executive Committee. The officers of the rank of Col / Gp Capt and above are exempted from interview; however, their case of membership shall be processed for approval by the AFOHS Club Administration. Officers Retired due to fault and those resigned with less than 10 years’ service would be ineligible. The officer inducted into civilian services may be considered for membership in retired category.

  1. Serving / Retired Civil Government Officers (Grade 18 and Above).

Qualified grade 18 and above civil services officers of government establishment (serving or retired) are eligible to apply for membership under this category subject to approval after an interview by the AFOHS Club Administration.

Note:- In case the government officer willingly resigns/switchover his job or dismissed/removed from service on any grounds will not remain eligible  from this category of membership. However, his membership category can be shifted to other eligible category by paying difference of amount applicable at that time.

  1. Residents of AFOHS Falcon Complex. All residents of AFOHS Falcon Complex Lahore are eligible and may apply for membership subject to approval after an interview by the AFOHS Club Administration. Owner resident will be granted Permanent Membership. However, tenant resident will be offered provisional membership which on vacating the Falcon Complex may either be transferred to incoming tenant by paying transfer fee or converted into Associate member category by paying the 50% of difference of membership fee.
  1. Associate (Civilian)Pakistani nationals who doesn’t fall under the above described categories are eligible to apply for Associate Membership, subject to approval by AFOHS Club Administration after a security clearance and after successful interview along with spouse.
  2. Diplomats / ForeignersForeign Diplomats and Foreign passport holders are eligible for membership subject to security clearance by Ministry of Interior and approval by AFOHS Club Administration. This does not include Pakistani Dual Nationals.
  1. CorporateCorporate memberships can be issued on case to case basis. Such membership shall be open only to the Chief Executive and his nominee (10 -15) who should be an employee / director of the Company not below the executive level.
  1. Honorary Members. The Club Administration may grant Honorary Membership to any distinguished personage for their outstanding community or national work.
  1. Families of Members. Immediate family members are eligible to receive supplementary membership cards and enjoy club facilities. Immediate family includes wife and unmarried children under the age of 25.

(1) Membership will be restricted to self, spouse, sons and daughters of the members up to 25 years of age.

(2) Fresh membership will be required by the children after crossing 25 years of age. They may qualify under the sub category of kinship membership.

  1. Kinship MembershipMember’s children over the age of 25 years and or married will be granted independent membership subject to the approval by the AFOHS Club Administration after an interview along with spouse. It will be a paid membership given with certain discount as per the prevailing policy.
  2. Senior Citizen. An individual who crossed the age of 65 Years will be termed as senior citizen. Senior Citizens will be granted membership in this special category by the Club Administration after an interview. A special privilege will be given to the senior citizens by giving special discount in the membership fee and maintenance fee.
  3. lMEMBERS MORE THAN ONE WIVES When a member has more than one wife, only one wife and her children can avail the Club facilities and it shall be the first wife and her children unless the Member expresses his will in writing to exclude the name of the first wife and her children from the computer record and nominates the other wife and her children for issuance of club membership cards.
  1. Categories of Membership.Categories of membership will be as under:-
  1. Temporary MembershipAn applicant will be given temporary membership once he / she deposited the duly completed membership form with requisite membership fee. A temporary card will also be issued by permitting to use the dine-in membership privileges on temporarily basis. The application will be processed for formal approval by the administration which includes but not limited to back ground check, security clearance, verification of provided documents and satisfactory interview. Temporary membership will be considered cancelled if the membership fees of the applied category is not paid in full within the agreed time.
  2. Provisional Membership. After completion of due process, the provisional membership status shall be granted to the applicant. Primary Membership card will be issued to self and supplementary cards to the wife and children under the age of 25 years. The card will be issued only after signing the undertaking to follow all code of conducts and Bylaws of the club. During this status the applicant/s and their dependent members are required to strictly follow the Bylaws, Code of conducts, SOP’s, rules and regulations of the club. The Administration and or disciplinary committee reserves the right to suspend / cancel the membership during the status of provisional membership without any prior notice failing to comply with the Bylaws, Code of Conducts, SOPs, rules and regulations. The provisional membership can also be suspended or cancelled by the Administration if the provisional membership card holder doesn’t pay their maintenance fees for more than 6 months.
  3. Permanent Membership. On completion of 3 years as Provisional Membership, Permanent Membership is granted to the Provisional Member subject to approval by AFOHS Club Administration / Executive Committee after reviewing the security clearance and good conduct reports of the members and their dependents.
  1. Absent MembershipAny provisional / permanent member, who wishes to go abroad / out of station for certain period and informs the Club Management in writing well in time before leaving the country / station, will be considered absent member. He will only be charged 50% monthly maintenance fee of the concerned category for the absent period but this period should not exceed one year in a row. Moreover, the member has to deposit the membership cards with the Club at the time of leaving and collect the same on returning back at the station.
  1. Transfer of MembershipOnly permanent membership may be considered for transfer in the same category after approval by the executive committee by paying the applicable transfer fee.
  2. Temporary Membership CardsTemporary Membership Cards will be issued to the applicant member immediately on deposit of the membership form with the membership fee in full or parts to facilitate the member for entry / utilizing the Club Facilities during interim period. Temporary card will remain valid for the describe period for due process of final approval of membership.
  3. Primary Membership Cards.Primary Membership cards will be issued to each member after paying the membership fees of the falling category in full on signing the undertaking and after paying quarterly maintenance fees in advance. Membership card will only be used by the holder / signatory and to be presented at main entrance as and when required, in any section for entering the specific area, to avail facility at member’s rate or to conduct transaction. AFOHS Club management has the authority to block Provisional / Permanent cards for not clearing dues in time or violation of AFOHS Rules / Bylaws. Possession of card is must for entering in AFOHS Club and will be shown on request.
  4. Supplementary CardsSupplementary membership cards will be issued to the eligible family members on request by the primary member on the prescribed application form available at the main office. Only printing charges will be claimed for each supplementary card.
  5. Membership / Maintenance Fees Payments: Membership fee shall be paid as required by the Administration and after issuance of provisional membership card, member must pay applied maintenance fees which is paid for every three months in advance. On beginning of each quarter, a bulk message will be sent by the system at the known Cell / WhatsApp number to follow the paper less green policy. However, after three weeks of time, an invoice will be generated by the system for the members who did not deposit the maintenance fee and will be sent first to known WhatsApp number in PDF Format and later via register courier to the last known address. 10% surcharge shall be applicable on all payments received after the due date. This is the responsibility of the members and their dependents to provide updated address and phone / WhatsApp number to the club administration for communication purpose. The club administration cannot be held responsible for the due payment / overdue charges if member doesn’t pay on time and or he / she didn’t receive the message or courier because his / her contact number / address is changed or has difficulties in receiving message / courier.
  6. Non Payment of Maintenance FeeMembers understand that the club offers multiple free services and subsidized prices to members and therefore they must pay maintenance fees regardless if they are able to come or not. If the membership fees is due for more than 6 months, the club Administration is authorized to suspend the membership and block member and their supplement card holders / guests from entering the club. If the member doesn’t pay the maintenance fees for nine or more months, the Administration has the right to cancel the membership and all membership cards associated with the primary membership with no obligation to AFOHS Club. However, the Administration must send 3 written notices via courier to the last known address of the member before permanently canceling the membership.
  7. Suspension of MembershipThe Club Administration is authorized to suspend the membership due to following reasons and be informed in writing:-
  8. Due to non-payment of Maintenance Fee for more than six months.
  9. Due to non-payment of food / other bills for three months.
  10. Due to violation of Club Bylaws, Code of Conduct and SOPs. In case of one or more violation, a show cause notice will be issued to the member and sent to member via courier and he / she will be required to explain their position in front of the members of the disciplinary committee on the date and time fixed by the Administration. If the member doesn’t show up or not able to explain the position which is satisfactory, the disciplinary committee may suspend or later cancel the membership.
  11. For extending threats, using abusive language and or indulging in physical abuse to a club employee. In this case, the Administration possess the rights to temporary suspend the membership and issue the show cause notice. Further to this, the procedure as described in above paragraph c shall apply.
  12. Due to involvement in any immoral activity i-e use of alcohol, gambling, bringing unauthorized guest in the Guest Room and any other contraband item etc. The inquiry will be initiated but the membership will be suspended right away. Later, the disciplinary committee will be fully authorized to permanently cancel the membership if the inquiry report proves that the member was involved in any immoral activity. The disciplinary committee also possess the right to initiate the criminal proceedings against the violators.






  1. Club Food Facilities / Outlets. AFOHS Club offers a wide range of facilities to its members. Main building of the club comprises of a spacious lobby, Golden Wok – Chinese / Thai Cuisine, Coffee Shop with Live Bakery, Bar Be Cue Lawn and Terraces, Green Lawn, Sofra – Turkish and Lebanese Cuisine, Falcon Chaye Dhaba where variety of authentic and traditional food items are served in pleasantly decorated dining halls and lawns at subsidized prices. Brief description of various facilities and their Bylaws are discussed in succeeding paragraphs.
  2. Golden Wok Restaurant. It has commissioned with the vision and matching zeal to provide a touch of class dining restaurant with traditional Chinese theme both in line with renowned Armed Forces etiquettes at their formal best and relaxed reclusive mood when one would like to break the tedium and indulge in pampering, exhilarating experience – with family, friends or all by himself. A touch of class Chinese and Thai Cuisine is our hallmark. When you are done with your delicious food the fun can be more sweetened by adding heavenly tasted desserts from Dessert Bar.
  1. Coffee & More. Coffee & More which we call “The Social Lounge” where friends gather to enjoy conversation, retreat from the chaos of everyday life, take a moment to relax and enjoy with our fast food, world-class coffee, variety of Juices and tea.To keep you entertained we have an extended room where you can play Ludo with your family and friends. You just need to grab a cup of coffee or snack and enjoy all at Coffee & more in a perfect ambiance. To complement our unique hot and cold beverages, we offer a wide selection of snack ideas including pastries, cold & hot sandwiches, innovative burgers, exclusive pizzas, scrumptious steaks, special sundaes and homemade ice-cream. Live bakery has also been added recently where members can see the art of making the cakes while enjoying the coffee and or waiting for their freshly baked cakes.
  1. Bar Be Cue Terraces & Lawn. Bar Be Cue Terraces & Lawn provides you the best quality live cooking Bar Be Cue food in the Lawn. To keep you entertain with exiting sports matches and other entertaining events, a large SMD screen has been displayed. Moreover, terraces situated over roof top offer you a place where you can enjoy the open natural environment for family get together, friend’s conversations and break the monotonous indoor atmosphere. At terraces, the charcoal aroma coming directly from the grill increases your hunger. The best Bar- Be – Cue of the town with a large variety of Pakistani cuisine served here.
  1. Green LoungeGreen lounge adjacent to the main lush green lawn elegantly designed with a natural theme to give you soothing effect when there is warm / cold outside. Traditional Pakistani, continental, fast food and Bar Be Cue served here.
  2. A state of the art Restaurant designed with a theme to create Turkish & Lebanese environment. A large variety of Authentic Turkish and Lebanese dishes are served here and the best part is that the guests can enjoy seeing their authentic food being cooked through the open kitchen. 
  3. Falcon Chaye Dhaba. Our traditionally designed Chaye Dhaba on the roof top where you will be offered a specially designed menu to nourish your traditional taste with variety of tea , omelates, parathas, drinks and snacks etc. The place where you can enjoy and relax with your family and friends.
  4. Lush Green LawnOur lush green main lawn furnished with relaxing furniture to provide you the natural environment where you can enjoy the natural environment to have soothing effects to nourish your minds after a long day tiring activities. You will be served here with Fresh Juices and Coffee / Tea with snacks and fast food. You can enjoy largest SMD installed in the lawn to enjoy the visuals over light music.

Rules. The Following rules has been established and Administration is keen to ensure that the worthy members follow these rules which are necessary for smooth operation of the club: –

  1. Please do not ask the staff to change the layout of the tables.
  2. Book your lunch / dinner / special arrangements minimum 48 hours in advance.
  3. Members are welcome to bring their guests but keep in mind the sanctity of club.
  4. Members are requested to adhere dress code as per each facility. If any of the guest is not properly dressed up as per the defined dress code, staff on duty has the right to deny the member all the services including the seating and food serving.
  5. Food of one outlet cannot be served at other outlet. However, the administration may allow some seasonal items to be served at all places which can be elaborated by the concerned outlet manager upon your inquiry.
  6. At all restaurants seven members are taken as family, additional guests will be charged separately @ Rs 100/- service charges for each additional Guest over & above seven members.
  7. Food from outside is not allowed at AFOHS Club premises.
  8. Members are not allowed to book lunch / dinner / event for non-members.
  9. Members are required to be present at the lunch / dinner / event booked by them.
  10. If a guest is accompanied by a Dependent members, The guests will be charged separately @ Rs 100/- per Guest as service charges.
  11. Members are supposed to carry their membership cards for recognition and must produce their cards at entrance and at the time of ordering food / drinks or using other facilities / services. The employees asking for the cards are only doing their jobs as instructed by the administration.
  1. Servants, Maids and Drivers are not allowed to dine in the Restaurants.
  2. Pets are not allowed to be brought in the AFOHS Club premises.
  3. Members are requested to wait in lobby / other waiting areas, if the seating

capacity of the interested area is full at the time of your arrival.

  1. If you have any complaints about your seating, food / drinks being late, issues with the taste / ingredients, delay in your cheque and or any other complaint, please ask for restaurant manager and bring the matter to his knowledge. If still the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please do fill in the written complaint form and place in the locked box or mail the same to the club address or whatsapp to the official club number. The complaint form is available during business hours in the main reception or 24/7 in the rooms reception area. Same also available on the club website www.afohsclub.pk. Shouting at employees or using abusive language is not the solution and is clear violation of the club Bylaws. The administration reserves the right to initiate the disciplinary actions against the member who chose to uses shouting and abusive language instead of using the complaint procedure. This is to ensure that all the complaints filed in writing are investigated thoroughly and serious actions will be taken to address your complaint. You will also be notified about the actions taken in this regards.
  2. Dress Code. Members and their guests are expected to adhere to Club discipline and wear respectable dress as per the dress code in the Club premises. The Administration shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary actions against a member found / reported wearing improper / untidy dress and refuse to leave the premises after the requests from the Administration. The Disciplinary Committee may suspend the membership of a habitual violator or who start abusing the staff after they refuse them seating or refuse to take their orders or to ask them to leave the premises. Following dress code restrictions apply to all members / guests of the age 10 and above:-
  3. Golden Wok – Coffee & More – Sofra (Turkish Restaurant).

Allowed Formal / Casual Pants, Jeans, Shirts, T Shirts, Safari Suit, Dress Suit, Shalwar Qameez with Close Shoes / Peshawari Chappal / Covered Sandal are allowed.

Not Allowed. Shabby Dress, Sports Dress, Shirts with extra Open Buttons, Ripped Jeans, Burmuda / Shorts, Open Chappals, Khusa and Joggers are not allowed.

  1. Bar Be Cue Terrace & Lawn – Green Lounge – Outside Lawn.

Allowed Formal / Casual Pants, Jeans, Shirts, T Shirts, Safari Suit, Dress Suit, Sports Dress, Shalwar Qameez with Close Shoes / Peshawari Chappal / Covered Sandal and Joggers are allowed.

Not Allowed. Shabby Dress, Shirts with extra Open Buttons, Ripped Jeans, Burmuda / Shorts, Open Chappals and Khusa are not allowed.

  1. Executive Lounge / Main Lobby

Allowed Formal / Casual Pants, Shirts, T Shirts, Safari Suit, Dress Suit, Shalwar Qameez with Close Shoes / Peshawari Chappal are allowed.

Not Allowed. Shabby Dress, Sports Dress, Jeans, Shirts with extra Open Buttons, Burmuda / Shorts, Open Chappals, Khusa and Joggers are not allowed. Children under the age of 12 Years are not allowed to sit in the Executive Lounge.

Falcon Chaye Dhaba

Allowed Formal / Casual Pants, Jeans, Shirts, T Shirts, Safari Suit, Dress Suit, Sports Dress, Shalwar Qameez with Close Shoes / Peshawari Chappal / Covered Sandal, open sandal, decent open chappal, Khussa and Joggers are allowed.

Not Allowed. Shabby Dress, Shirts with extra Open Buttons, Sleeveless shirts and shorts are not allowed.


Members coming for Gym / Swimming Pool while in sports dress should not use Club Main Lobby / salon side entrance. They must use Swimming Pool / Gym entrance situated next to back gate behind the SMD. Entry in the Club while wearing Bermuda / Shorts is not allowed. Bermuda / Shorts if required to be used for sports activities must be changed in the changing rooms only. Members place their belongings in lockers at their own risk. The club administration is not responsible for their losses.


Smoking in the club premises being the public place is not allowed except in the designated area especially earmarked within the outside southern Lawn and Falcon Chaye Dhaba.

Maid / Servants

Maids / Drivers / Servants are not allowed in the Restaurants, Gym, and Swimming Pool area. Maid / Drivers / Servants, if accompanied can wait in the vehicle or in the designated area in outside lawn, near gate and next to back door gym/pool entrance.

House Maid / servants coming with children for swimming pool are required to be registered and entry pass to be obtained.

Immoral Activities. No immoral activities i-e use of Alcohol, gambling etc is allowed in the club. Members and guests are not allowed to sit in the cars while parked in the parking area.

Pets Animals

No pets / Animals are allowed to be brought inside the Club premises.

Unbecoming Behavior

Members are expected to exhibit high standard of norms / manners while dealing with the administration / staff. Displaying unbecoming behavior / shouting / abusive language etc is against the courtesy and must be refrain within the club premises. Complaints about the staff if any must be lodged by filling up the complaint form available all time in reception offices.


Dress code / behavior is to be strictly adhered to. No permission will be given by AFOHS Club Administration to any Member/ Guest to dine if improperly dressed. Any Member / Guest violating the dress code will not be served and will be warned once. On second occurrence, his / her membership liable to be suspended and referred to disciplinary committee for further action. Members are responsible that their guests also adhere the dress code and other Club discipline.

  1. Sports Facilities. AFOHS Club provides a good range of sports facilities to its worthy members. Details of the facilities and their Bylaws are laid down in succeeding paras.
  2. Membership / Entitlement. All categories of the Club members are eligible to apply on the prescribed form (available with office) for membership of sports mentioned below. The Administrator / Secretary will make final approval. Guests accompanying members may be allowed to utilize the facility by paying daily charges. Guest staying in the guest rooms may also utilize the facility by paying daily charges. Supplementary membership card holders are not allowed to bring guests to use sports facilities.
  3. Subscription. Subscription for various sports (to be revised by the Administration from time to time keeping in view the total expenditure involved).
  5. AFOHS club features outdoor swimming pool along with Jacuzzi Tub, Steam Room, Sauna Room, Shower Room, Lockers and Change Room to cater a wide range of interests of water / spa lovers. Safety at the Swimming Pools is also of great concern to the Management of the Club for which professionally trained Life Guards and Coaches are always at the pool side. Swimming classes are also available at the pool at lower than market prices. First aid equipment is also readily available. Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations are as under:-Swimming Pool.
  1. Entry to Swimming Pool

(1) Swimming pool subscription will be restricted to members only and their supplement card holders.

(2) Entry during swimming time without a Swimming Pool subscription is prohibited.

  • Guests are not allowed without prior permission from administrative office and without paying the daily charges in advance. If pool is busy, Administration may not allow the guests.
  • Members and their supplement card holders will be allowed only within described swimming time of their gender.
  • Children are not allowed to use swimming pool after their separately designated timings.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by the adult who is membership card holder and who has also taken the subscription of the swimming pool.
  • Children under the age of 5 will only be allowed in the kids pool placed outside the main swimming pool.
  • Any pet or dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • Maids and Drivers are also not allowed to enter in swimming pool area.
  • Food is not allowed in the swimming pool area except provided at pool side café.
  • Members are to certify that they are free from any skin disease.
  • Members are required to sign the Risk Certificate for using the swimming pool for self and dependent members. The club administration will not be responsible for any losses / mishap which occurs during the usage of swimming pool. Adult members are responsible to look after their kids during all the time they are in swimming pool area.

Health and Safety Precautions:-

  • Members and guests agree that they use the pool and pool area at their own risk and sole responsibility. The use of the pool and pool area is a privilege granted by the AFOHS Club to the members / guests for their convenience and enjoyment.
  • In consideration of being permitted to enter and use the pool, they agree that all persons who own operate and manage or maintain the pool and pool area are not liable to them if they are injured or any other loss occurs during they and their kids are present in the gym, they will not make any such claims.
  • They further stipulate that they have read the rules for the pool and agree with complying all pool rules and all members of their family and guests comply with these rules.
  • Members understands and agrees that they are solely responsible to monitor their minor children at all times. In case of injury / other loss to the minor, they cannot make the club administration / management liable.
  • Members must take shower before and after swimming.
  • Members suffering from skin disease will not be permitted to swim. A medical certificate by a skin specialist might be required from the swimmers if any symptoms becomes obvious or visible.
  • Life guards and swimming pool attendants will watch whether any member is carrying any symptoms of skin disease and if so, they will inform the Administrator / Secretary and the member will be asked not to swim until a fitness certificate from skin specialist is obtained.
  • In their own interest children and even elders should get themselves inoculated against water borne diseases (Typhoid).
  • Members and guests are requested to obey the instructions of the lifeguard on duty. Club management has the right to cancel the subscription of member / supplement member or a guest if they do not follow the instructions of the life guard and management can ask them to leave the pool area immediately.

Cancellation of Swimming Subscription

  • Club management reserves the right to cancel swimming membership or to turn out a swimmer under compelling circumstances like rough / foul play, non-observance of rules / instructions, contagious disease or not taking a shower before entering the pool etc.
  • All members will clear off the swimming pool premises at the end of their swimming timings. In case of failures, swimming cards of the concerned member will be confiscated by the attendant and matter will be reported to the Administrator office for suspension of swimming pool subscription.

Miscellaneous Instructions


(1) Members will not bring their valuables with them. The AFOHS Club will not be responsible for loss of any valuable and personal belongings in the swimming pool premises. Members are requested to deposit their belongings if any with the swimming pool attendant at the entry gate, or keep in locker at their own risk.

(2) Children / dependent members are not allowed to bring guests for swimming.

(3) Non-members are not allowed to swim.

  1. Jacuzzi. Our Poolside Jacuzzi is the best place to relax in the hot tub. With its heated water with powerful jets our members would get the hydrotherapy, relaxation and pleasure.
  2. Steam Bath. Our Steam Room provides the luxury to our members to get away with fatigue and stress. Saunas and Steam Rooms are the best methods of easing fatigue and stimulating energy while promoting metabolism and blood circulation. Enjoy the session in our facilities and keep a healthy and peaceful life.
  3. Sauna Bath. We all deserve to relax in luxury and be pampered from time to time. What is the best way to that is to enjoy in sauna or steam room. Our sauna and steam rooms not only feel amazing but they both have individual and collective benefits on your health

NOTE: Steam and Sauna usage is totally on the discretion of the members. If you have any kind of steam / heat allergy – please avoid to use these facilities. If there is any disease or injury the club or the management will not be responsible and you will not be able to file complaint anywhere.

  1. Gymnasium. A well-equipped ladies & Gents Gymnasium along cardio section are situated inside the club complex. The gymnasium facilities are being utilized by both male and female members, as per allocated timings. However, separate female gym can be used by the females while the male timings are being observed in the main gym. In charge Gym is responsible for reporting the serviceability of all the gadgets to Administrator / Secretary Club daily. Certain rules are:-
  2. Deliberate damage to different apparatus will be reported to Administrator and responsible member will pay the repair charges / compensations.
  3. Children under 12 will not be allowed to exercise without supervision. Members will be advised to avoid extra stresses / strain while exercising.
  4. Club will provide services of Male / Female coach. The coach will provide general guidance to the members, however, for personal training separate fees shall be charged as described by the coach.
  5. For facilitation of members, Aerobics, Yoga and Rumba Classes are being organised time to time by the Club at the subsidized rates.
  6. Personal / individual coach is not allowed to be brought in the Gym.
  7. Members are not allowed to bring the maid / servants / nannies / drivers or small kids in the premises of Gym room. Failing to do this may lead to suspension of your gym subscription.
  8. Timings. Timings of Gymnasium will be displayed on the notice board and must be followed. Timings are subject to be changed with short prior notice.
  9. Snooker Room. A fully equipped snooker room is available for use by the members with snooker room subscription.

Rules regarding Snooker Room are as under:-

  1. The Snooker Room shall be opened during such time and hours as decided by the Administration. The timings will be displayed on the notice board.
  2. No member will play more than one game in succession, if any other member, who is present in the room, is desirous to play.
  3. No games requiring special marking on the cloth with chalk or otherwise will be played.
  4. A member shall not play a game with a marker, should any other member wish to play. However, member playing a game with the marker is allowed to finish the ongoing game even though if other members require the table.
  5. Smoking is not allowed in the Snooker room.
  6. Children under 15 Years of age are not allowed to play snooker in snooker room.
  7. Guest if accompanied the member shall be allowed to play by depositing Rs.100/- per game, provided no member is in waiting.
  8. One member is allowed to play only one hour game in a day.
  9. No food will be served in the snooker room.
  10. Snooker Room (Dress Code)

(1) Trousers, jeans, dress shirts, collar T-Shirt, dress shoes, joggers.

(2) Shorts, Barmuda, Track suit and Chappal are not allowed.

  1. Gaming Zone. A digital Gaming Zone with enormous range of popular games has been established. Following are the rules:-
  2. Children from 5 to 15 Years are only allowed to play.
  3. 30 Minutes of game is allowed to play in stretch – per day for free.
  4. All additional time will be charged at the rate of Rs. 100 per hour, if no other member is in waiting.
  5. Guests are not allowed to play.
  6. Squash Court A state of the art International Standard Squash Court has been established in the AFOHS Club to provide healthy sports for the members and their children.
  1. Members are requested to bring their own Rackets and balls.
  2. Members are requested to register by paying the monthly subscription as decided by the Administration.
  3. 60 Minutes of game is allowed to play in stretch – per day.
  4. Guests are not allowed to play.
  5. Kids above 10 years old are allowed to play.
  6. Proper sports dress must be used for playing in the squash court.
  7. Proper Joggers must be used for playing. Shoes having black sole is strictly forbidden in the squash court.
  8. Marker will be available for guidance. Coaching if required will be provided by the marker as per pre decided fee.
  9. Kids Playing Zone.Aesthetically designed, adequately equipped with rides while keeping in mind the physical and amusement needs of Children / Toddlers under the age of 10 years Kids Playing Zone has been created in the Club. The area where children have fun while parents will feel the physical nourishment of their Kids. Following instructions must be taken care:-
  10. The entry to the kids’ area is free of cost.
  11. Children under the age of 10 Years are permitted to use the rides and some activities for only kids under the age of 5 Years.
  12. Kids area must be used by children strictly under direct supervision of Parents / guardian at their own risk and responsibility.
  13. Children must be guided to wait for their own turn and must not indulge with the children already using the rides.
  14. Parents / guardians must control their children for making extra ordinary noise / using of equipment inappropriately and running around.
  15. Parents / guardians must control their children for pushing each other which may result into injury.
  16. AFOHS Club management owes no responsibility / liability, if a kid gets injured during the use of any ride.
  17. Members understands and agrees that they are solely responsible to monitor their children at all times. In case of injury / other loss to the children, they cannot make the club management liable.
  18. Pets are not allowed in the Kids Play Area.
  19. Servants and Drivers are not allowed to enter in Kids Play Area. Maids with appropriate cloths and letter of authorization from parents will be allowed to accompany the kids.
  20. Please follow the instructions of the attendant at all times.
  1. Executive Lounge.

A spacious lounge with exquisite décor to provide aromatic / peaceful atmosphere to members for personal meetings and spending leisure time. Light refreshment may be provided to members on demand. Members are expected to observe the following rules and etiquettes:-


a.. Children under the age of 12 years are not allowed.

  1. No issue of Books, Current Magazines and Newspapers on display.
  2. Reading material shall not be removed from the premises of the Club. A fine of Rs. 500/- plus the cost of reading material will be imposed for violating this rule.
  3. Members are not permitted to arrange any business activity / deal within the Executive Lounge.
  4. Members are not permitted to organise Lectures, Classes / Online Classes / Group Study within the Executive Lounge.
  5. Members are not permitted to arrange interviews for hiring or any other purpose.
  6. No Political / Religious meeting / activity is permitted.
  7. Only Tea / Coffee / Juices / Water will be served in Executive Lounge.
  8. Members can use Executive Lounge for maximum of two hours in any given day.
  9. Members’ Guests can allowed to be seated only in the presence of the Member.
  10. Membership Card / Gust entry is required for the seating.
  11. Only Primary members are allowed to bring guests in the Executive Lounge. Supplementary Card holders are not allowed to bring any guests.
  1. M M ALAM BOARD ROOM. An aesthetically designed board room having a capacity of approximately 30 persons is available to organize business meetings / seminars. It is equipped with latest Video Projector with large display screen and high quality sound system. This board roam can only be used after the proper booking procedure and paying the prescribed subsidized charges. No member is allowed to use the board room without the prior booking and payment.
  1. General. AFOHS Club provides comfortable stay at the Club to its members/ their relatives and outstation serving officers of the services through tastefully furnished guestrooms. A total of 12 guestrooms are currently available including 2 x Executive Suites and 10 x Deluxe rooms. An elegantly designed and furnished separate lobby is available with reception counter for the members to meet their guests. More rooms are under plan / construction and will be added soon.
  1. Booking Procedure. To streamline the booking / cancellation / occupation and ensure maximum comforts to the guests / occupants, following rules will be adhered to:-

(1) Guest rooms will be booked by members only. However, all serving Air Force Officers (out station) can also book the room as per availability.

(2) Guest rooms will be booked on first come first serve basis.

(3) Members can book rooms for their relatives.

(4) At one time, member can book maximum 2 rooms in his name for his own family or for relatives.

(5) A room may be booked for three days stretch at the maximum which can be again extended for same period if the availability exists. As a special case extension up to one week may be accorded with the approval of Administrator / Secretary.

(6) Check-in time is 1400 hours and check-out time is 1200 hours. In case of non-adherence to above timings one day extra room rent will be charged.

(7) Management will not be responsible for any theft / loss of vehicle / loss of valuable in the rooms / Club premises.

(8) Guests are requested to keep their valuables under lock or may deposit their valuables with Manager Guestroom if so desired.

(9) Only legitimate family / wife will be allowed to stay in the room. The member has to provide the necessary identity document to prove relationship with accompanied female guest.

(10) Maximum of three guests can stay in one room.

(11) Extra mattress will be provided on demand @ Rs 500/- per day.

(12) Use of Iron in the room is strictly forbidden. Iron services are available through outside vendor at subsidized rates. One can avail the iron / wash / dry cleaning services available within the premises through the outsource vendor.

(13) Following are also strictly FORBIDDEN in the guest rooms:-

(a) Gambling.

(b) Playing Cards.

(c) Drinking Liquor.

(d) Marriage Ceremony

(e) Assembly of Baraat.

(f) Arranging of Mehndi.

(g) Religions / Sectarian Meeting / Activities.

(h) Political Meeting / gathering for political purpose.

(i) Unauthorized / unregistered guests.

(14) Maximum Two Complimentary Breakfasts will be served in the rooms. 

(15) There will be Air conditioner Charges in the summer @ Rs. 500/ night.

(16) Visitors are not allowed to visit the room occupant in guest rooms unless until prior permission is taken by proving the legitimate relation in case the visitor is a female or opposite gender.

(17) Drivers / servants / maids are not allowed to sit / wait inside the main building premises.

(18) Pets are not allowed in the guestrooms.

(19) Car parking facilities are free for the guests.

(20) Drivers staying overnight will be provided with bed and breakfast facility for free of cost.

(21) Relationship of accompanied lady required to be verified.

(22) Room rent is required to be deposited in advance.

(23) Member who booked the room and the room occupant are required to fill the prescribed form at or prior to the time of Check-In.

  1. Event Hall
  2. General. In order to facilitate members, medium size event hall is available for small banquet / corporate functions and get together etc. The capacity of the event hall is for holding a gathering is up to 125 persons.
  1. Following are the rules for use:-

(1) Catering is permitted through AFOHS Club only.

(2) Only the designated entrance will be used for entrance to Event Hall.

(3) Any damage to property / crockery is liable to be charged. Administration is not responsible for any loss of cash, jewellery, bags and mobile etc.

(4) Band or Drum is not allowed to be played in the Club premises. Only DJ music is allowed to be played at a reasonable sound.

(5) A limited extra light will be permitted over and above the existing lights which will be provided / charged separately by the vendor.

(6) No nails and adhesive tapes etc will be used for decoration.

(7) Flower and stage decoration will only be allowed through AFOHS Club’s authorized vendor and will be charged separately.

(8) DJ Sound will be available through club vendors and charged additionally.

(9) Variety of menu’s can be available for banquet / corporate functions.

(10) Event to be culminated by 10 PM.

  1. Club Charges Fee. Event hall should be rented to members. Rates are given as below:-

(1) Members – Rs 200/- Per Head

(2) Member Armed Forces – Rs 150/- Per Head

  1. Function Timings

Event hall will be provided to the clients only on under mentioned timings. Any client using event hall for more than specified timings, an extra charges may apply:-

(1) Timings

(a) Lunch 1200 to 1500 hrs

(b) Dinner 1900 to 2200 hrs

  1. Terms & Conditions

(1) AFOHS club event hall is not considered book until the contract is signed and 50 % advance at the time of booking is paid.

(2) AFOHS club is not responsible for providing the event hall, set up and food on the day of the event if a full due amount is not paid in cash / draft min 3 days before the confirm date of the event. Furthermore, the booking will be considered cancelled if the full amount is not paid minimum 3 days before the event. In this case scenario, the 50% advance deposit will not be refunded back.

(3) The club Administration may require the client at any time to supply a detailed written description of all activities to be conducted on the premises during the booking hours.

(4) This is the responsibility of the client to provide, agree and sign on all details including price, menu and set up. Club management is responsible to provide venue, set up, food and other services as per the venue rental agreement only.

(5) This agreement is signed for the specified hall/area only and for specified time only, this is the responsibility of the client to make sure all participants of event use only the specified area and furthermore this is also the responsibility of the client to conclude the event within specified and applicable legal time and make sure all of their guests leave the club areas within specified time. In case of violation, the client may be struck with a fine from the club administration.

(6) This is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all participants of the event do not leave their minor children unattended at any time during their presence in the club premises. The club management, Options International (SMC) Private Limited, and AHQ cannot be held accountable in any manner in case any unattended minor child / children gets hurt, gets injured or any serious mishap happens with unattended children.

(7) The client assumes full responsibility for any and all damages caused to the facilities, set up, sound system, projector, crockery, building or any other area/ place/items by them, their attendees, guests and or vendors and agrees to pay the costs involved without hesitation.

(8) The client understands that AFOHS club is a community club and is run by strict rules and regulations. The club is an alcohol-free premise and this is the responsibility of the client to make sure that none of the attendee attempt to use/consume alcohol, gamble or get involved in any immoral activity and or use narcotics during their entire presence in the premises of the club. The club Administration reserves the rights to take strict legal actions including registration of criminal FIR against the violators and to hold the client countable in this regards.

(9) Rude behaviour, loud music, uncontrolled celebrations, vulgar dance and or any illegal/unethical activity will cause an immediate eviction from the premises as well as applicable prosecution in this regards.

(10) Absolutely no pets or any other kind of animals are allowed in any part of the premises.

(11) Absolutely no firearm licensed or unlicensed is allowed in the PAF Falcon Complex and AFOHS club. The violators can be prosecuted.

(12) The client agrees to make sure that all of his attendees will abide by the AFOHS Club and PAF Falcon Complex bylaws/rules and regulations and adhere to dress code of the AFOHS Club. . Bylaws/Rules and Regulations are available in the club Administration office for your review.

(13) All lobbies, restaurants, sitting areas and event halls of the AFOHS Club are non-smoking and smoking in the described areas will not be tolerated.

(14) The client agrees to communicate to all his attendees the parking rules of the AFOHS club and PAF Falcon Complex. All cars parked outside the club boundary in a way which causes in-convenience and hindrance to the road users will be lifted and or fined. 

(15) The client understands that live firecrackers and air shots by any fire arms are considered illegal to use within the PAF Club premises as well as within the PAF falcon complex and in the premises of AFOHS club.

(16) The client understands that AFOHS club management does not allow outside food for the event. Similarly, all vendors hired for the event must be registered with and approved by the AFOHS club management.

(17) The client agrees that the club is liable to host and serve an agreed menu to the specified number of attendees. Since the club kitchen is going to prepare the food for specified numbers of guests and therefore will charge for the same even if less number of guests showed up.

(18) Client understands that the club will have to prepare and serve extra food if the number of attendees exceeds the specified numbers; the client agrees to pay same per person menu charges for all exceeding number of attendees on spot prior to leaving the premises. All your vendors, loaders, and maids/servants/drivers of the attendees who consume food and beverages will be considered as attendees and will be charged for.

(19) The client shall not issue any advance publicity/send invitation to the use of the premises before signing the venue rental agreement.

(20) The client shall not display any poster, banner or advertisement in any part of the premises or PAF Falcon Complex without prior approval from the management of AFOHS Club.

(21) The client shall not admit attendees to the premises in excess of the number of seats available.

(22) The client shall indemnify and keep indemnified the management of AFOHS Club, Options International PVT LTD and AHQ against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred for infringement of copyright arising from the client’s use of the premises.

(23) AFOHS club marketing department reserves the rights to use the pictures of your event for marketing purpose.

(24) Only cash or own credit cards will be accepted as method of payments. All payments through credit card will be charged by adding 2.5% processing fees. If the payment is made through the cheque and if the cheque is not cleared min 3 days before the event, the club management is not responsible for the delivery of the event.

(25) The Client understands that the cancellation of the event if it’s done 7 days prior to the event will result in 50 percent refund of total deposit amount and the cancellation of the event if it’s done with less than 7 days’ notice will result in 25 % refund of total deposit amount. Furthermore, if the cancellation of the event is done within or 24 hours prior to the event start up time, the client will not receive any deposit back.

  1. Car Park

(1) Guests will park their car in the designated car park only.

(2) All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk in the car park.

(3) Valet Service will be provided by management for parking cars at designated place outside the Club premises.

(4) No Vehicle will be allowed to be parked outside the club premises except the place designated.

  1. Stage Decoration. The decoration / flowering of the stage can be done by the client at their own expense through Club authorized vendor only.

(1) The stage for bride / bride groom will be provided by the Banquet Hall management, however its decoration is at the will / wish of the host.

(2) The stage cannot be removed and taken to other place.

(3) The host is not allowed to play any music / Orchestra in Hall during function without permission.






  1. Members’ DisciplineThe conduct expected of a gentleman / lady has to be maintained by all members at all times. Other aspects include:-
  2. General
  • The Administrator / Secretary AFOHS Club have the authority to request any person who in his opinion is guilty of unbecoming conduct to leave the AFOHS Club premises. All such cases affecting members must be reported to Executive / Disciplinary committee for information and recommend necessary action against the member, if deemed necessary. The member will be restricted from entering the club till the decision is made in this regards. Executive / Disciplinary Committee decision will be the final decision in this regards. In case of serving officer, a report will also be forwarded to the unit / formation concerned.
  • The Executive / disciplinary Committee may call upon any member who fails to comply with any of the rules, bylaws, dress code or directions of the administration of the AFOHS Club or who may be guilty of conduct as regarded by the AFOHS disciplinary committee being prejudicial to the interest of the AFOHS Club, to show cause why such conduct should not be dealt with disciplinary action by the Executive / Disciplinary Committee within a time to be specified at their discretion.
  • Upon the receipt of any explanation which such member may deem to offer, or failing to receive such explanation within the time specified, the AFOHS Executive / Disciplinary committee may proceed to deal with the matter in such a manner as deemed necessary. The decision of the Committee will be final.
  • Members may bring guests with them but of respectable status, soberly dressed (as per the dress code of the club) and will be personally responsible for the conduct of the guests.
  • Photography/ Videography is not allowed in AFOHS Club premises except Event Hall. However, special permission may be granted by the management on case to case basis. Photography / Videography of the area where the families are sitting are strictly prohibited. The Administration possesses the rights to confiscate the camera / mobile of the violators and proceed for further legal actions.
  • The club social media pages are used for information purpose and not for filing complaints. The members are requested not to post their complaints/concerns online neither use abusive language towards the club or administration. The procedure for filing complaints has been described above. Any member found writing complaints / ridiculing the club / administration will be banned from the social media and the club administration at it’s sole discretion shall decide if the matter need to be sent to disciplinary committee for actions or not.
  1. Speech. No speeches are allowed in the Club premises without prior permission of the AFOHS Administration in writing.
  2. Political Gathering. No Political gathering is allowed to be held within the premises of AFOHS Club.
  3. Media CoverageNo media coverage is allowed within the premises of AFOHS Club. However, in case it’s for positive matter, it will require prior written application for approval from relevant authorities.
  4. Complaints / Suggestions. Any member having a complaint against the staff member of AFOHS Club or another member or services, shall complaint in writing on prescribed compliant form readily available at the main reception to the Administrator / Secretary of the Club. Suggestions if any may also be entered in the suggestion form kept in the office. Members or their guests are prohibited from maltreating, abusing, threatening or interfering with the work of any staff of the AFOHS Club. Apart from starting the membership suspension process, a strict action in this regards will be taken against the person at fault and the member will be informed accordingly. All complaints filed through the above mentioned procedure, will be investigated and the members will be informed about the actions taken in this regards.
  5. Contact Numbers / Postal Address. Members are responsible to provide/update their accurate contacts numbers / address and any change thereof. In case the member fails to receive any communication by the AFOHS Club on the contact / address given, the responsibility for all consequences due to non-receipt of correspondence at given address shall be that of the member.
  6. Payment of Bills (Outstanding Dues). All members are required to clear their outstanding bills of the last month if any by 10th of the current month. The action on non-payment (outstanding bills) will be as under:-
  • Administrator / Secretary will issue a reminder by SMS and request for clearance along with 10% surcharge within 10 days.
  • Failure to pay after reminder by SMS, a reminder will be issued on a written invoice with notice through courier at member’s last given address to clear the due amount.
  • Failure to response by the member, Administrator / Secretary will issue a third reminder. After issue of the Administrator / Secretary’s letter, the membership will be suspended and names of defaulting members shall be put up to AFOHS management committee for suspension of membership.
  • Another chance may be given to a defaulter to clear his/her bill (after the termination / cancellation of membership) only on a written application by him/her with a certificate not to repeat the same in the future. In such cases the defaulters will have to pay reinstatement applicable charges in addition to the due amount.
  1. Termination of Membership. A member may lose his / her membership on the following grounds:-
  2. Conduct. The AFOHS Administration / disciplinary committee has the authority to caution the member on violation of Bylaws, rules & regulations, SOPs and misconduct. However, on repeating the violation by the member, his/her membership may be suspended for a defined period.
  3. Infraction of Rules. Persistent infraction of rules of unbecoming conduct in the AFOHS Club which in the opinion of the AFOHS Club disciplinary committee is unworthy of a member may warrant his / her removal from the list of members.
  4. Conviction. Any member convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude, will be liable to termination of his / her membership.
  5. Gambling. All forms of GAMBLING is strictly prohibited in the AFOHS Club. The contravention of this rule will warrant cancellation of membership.
  6. AlcoholUse of Alcohol is strictly prohibited within the premises of AFOHS Club. The violation of this rule will warrant cancellation of membership. The members and or their guests cannot drink inside the cars or bring the alcohol or any other drug inside the club premises including guest rooms and parking areas. AFOHS Club / Falcon Complex security reserves the rights to search the suspected vehicles and take deserving actions accordingly. Furthermore, members cannot enter the club under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs. The club administration possesses the right to ask the member to leave the club premises if their actions or appearance is of a person under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs. In extreme cases, the administration has the right to call the police and proceed the matter for legal actions as per law.
  7. Non-PaymentIf the member doesn’t pay his / her dues for more than 6 months.
  8. Immoral Activities. No immoral activities i-e use of Alcohol, gambling etc is allowed in the club.Members and guests are not allowed to sit in the cars while parked in the parking area. The violation of this rule will warrant cancellation of membership.
  9. Unbecoming Behaviour

Members are expected to exhibit high standard of norms / manners while dealing with the administration / staff. Displaying of unbecoming behaviour / shouting / abusive language etc is against the courtesy and must be refrain within the club premises. Complaints about the staff if any must be lodged by filling up the complaint form available all time in reception office.

  1. Dress Code. Members and their guests are expected to adhere to Club discipline and wear respectable dress as per the dress code in the Club premises. Management Committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against a member found / reported wearing improper / untidy dress.The staff on duty may restrict the entry of member into Club and denial to serve the food on violation of prescribed dress code. The committee may suspend the membership of a habitual violator.
  2. Parking Discipline. Members are expected to adhere the parking discipline. Following to be ensured:-
  3. Car must be parked in the designated car park inside the Club.
  4. No double car parking is allowed.
  5. The car must be parked in a manner that it should not block the route of other cars.
  6. Free valet service is provided to facilitate the members for parking of their cars at designated car parking outside the Club premises.
  7. Parking of cars outside the Club by the members at their own is only allowed at designated car parking places as guided by the Club security staff purely at member’s risk. Any car parked at un-authorised place is liable to be lifted by the security staff of Falcon Complex.
  8. Members are requested that do not keep your valuables in the car while handing over to the valet staff. Club administration will not be responsible for any loss/theft.
  9. Members are requested that no car to be parked alongside the private houses.
  10. Members are requested to park their car in a way that it should not hinder the traffic or cause traffic jam.
  11. Members are not allowed to sit inside the cars while in the parking area.
  12. Drivers of car are expected to sit at a designated place as earmarked by the Club administration.
  13. Members are requested to cooperate with the security staff.
  14. Members must follow the speed limits of Falcon Complex while coming to club and going back from club. Beeping of horn is not allowed within Falcon Complex and at the gate of AFOHS Club and within the premises of the AFOHS Club.
  15. During special events, it is expected that there will be extra ordinary traffic load. Administration will handle this load by arranging extra ordinary arrangements. However, members are expected to cooperate with staff on duty for your own convenience.
  16. Any member found violating the parking instructions will be liable to disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the Disciplinary Committee.
  17. Any car deliberately parked at unauthorised place will be lifted by the Falcon administration and impounded for minimum three days.
  18. Proving IdentityTo avoid unauthorised entry in the Club, the security staff at duty will request the members to prove their identity by showing the valid Membership card.Following to be observed:-
  19. Members are expected to prove their identity by showing the valid membership card.
  20. Details of guests be intimated in advance to facilitate their entry. Guests are expected to register themselves and proving their identity by showing CNIC.
  21. Visitors are required to register themselves at gate. Visitor card be obtained and displayed during their visit to Club.
  22. Guest coming to stay in the guest room will required to register at the gate against the booking details.
  23. Members are expected to provide their membership cards when desired at food outlets and other club facilities.
  1. Timings and Telephone Numbers
  2. Office Timings. The Club office timings are from 1100 hours to 2000 hours on all working days except Sunday. These timings are subject to change.
  1. Club Timings. The club remains open all days from 0900 hours to 2359 hours or as approved by the Administration. If any member or his guest remains in the Club premises other than the Guestrooms, after the closing hours except on such occasions as approved by the Administrator, he / she will be liable to be refused from providing any services or pay late fee as fixed by the Administrator. Timings are as fol:-
  1. Club Timings

(1) Summer – 0900 – 2359 hrs

(2) Winter – 1000 – 2330 hrs

Note: (1) Winter season is from 15 Dec to 15 Feb.

  1. The Club timings will be displayed from time to time as approved by the management.
  2. Telephones.The telephone numbers of various offices of the Club are:-

(1) Club Exchange – 042 35925318-9

(2) Mobile No – 03451000783

  1. Servants, Pets and Arms
  1. Servants (Male / Female) accompanying children are not allowed inside the Club premises.
  2. Pets, Dogs and other animals are not allowed
  1. Arms irrespective of type and bore are not allowed to be carried / brought within the Falcon Complex and inside the Club.
  1. Tips / Gratitude for Purpose. No member shall give money or gratuity to any Club staff on the pretext, for offering favours connected with the services in Club. However, tips to express the appreciation can be made at the discretion of the members. Complaints if any may be made to the Secretary Club


  1. Damage to Property. Any member causing damage to Club property shall be required to pay amount as under:-
  2. Full cost of the damaged article or fitting for its replacement or renovation whatever required, if the damage has been due to negligence or accidental.
  3. Fine of 50% of the cost will be imposed in addition to the actual amount if the damage is due to wilful intent or disorderly conduct.
  1. Removal of Club Property. Club property shall not be removed from the premises without the explicit permission of the Administrator. Proper inventory control must be ensured. Any article going out of club premises will be permitted on proper gate pass duly signed by administrator.
  1. Meetings. No public / political / religious meeting shall be allowed in the Mess. Management will have the discretion of not allowing any other type of meeting also which is considered inappropriate for the Club.
  2. These Bylaws can always be changed or modified by the Administration / Executive Committee for smooth and efficient functioning of the club.