Executive Summary

AFOHS Club was established in Pakistan Air Force Falcon Complex. A total of 25.5 ghostwriter Kanal of land was demarcated by Air Headquarters in PAF Falcon Complex for the establishment of “Community Centre and Club “. The motivation behind the development of this center was to provide wealth of social networking and broad range of recreational and capacity-building activities in the secured and family environment for officers of Armed Forces, civil services, residents of PAF Falcon Complex and selected prominent business figures. AFOHS hausarbeiten kaufen Club was established in PAF Falcon Complex, Gulberg-III, Lahore. AFOHS Club is a major community asset for Pakistan Air Force, PAF Falcon community and entire Lahore.

The center will strive to make optimum use of facilities to enrich the lives of the members, to foster social inclusion and to encourage participation in the life of the local community. Management of the Center arbeiten schreiben lassen aligns with strategic aim “to promote the well-being and quality of life of the members and is also fully in sync with its strategic objectives “to promote the provision of accessible social, recreational, educational, economic and cultural facilities within the community for the benefit of the members and visitors” and “to seek to create a socially inclusive and caring community”. Recognizing the significant contributions to the success of the Center that could be made, it will actively seek strategic partnerships and opportunities for joint working with other stakeholders, Clubs, Messes and Community Centers nationally and around the globe.

Aims & Objectives

The primary motivation behind the ambition to assume management of the center is the wish to provide a centrally located, top quality, thriving community club which will improve the quality of life for the whole local community by seeking to promote the principles of personal development, healthy lifestyle, well being, community engagement and empowerment and social inclusion within the bounds of our norms, religious / cultural values and socio-economic environment. And that this should extend to the long term to achieve this aim the management will operate the club as a multi-faceted resource cultural center. The Center will offer a variety of spaces that will enable many and diverse cultural activities to develop and strengthen.