AFOHS Banquet Halls AFOHS GRANDE and outdoor AFOHS ROYALE are one of the most highly recommended special occasion facilities.
We are the perfect venue to host a wide range of events for our special guests. Our goal is to make each event a wonderful success.
Our experienced staff will ensure that your special occasion turns out exactly the way you have planned.
Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, reunion, birthday, or any other occasion, you should consider The AFOHS Banquet Halls as the best setting for your everlasting memories. We offer you indoor and outdoor venues to choose from:-

AFOHS GRANDE:  Our indoor venue with the capacity to accommodate 150 Guests with convenience. Ideal place for smart gatherings with a touch of elegance.

AFOHS ROYAL:  Our Outdoor Marquee has a capacity of 500 guests and can host bigger events with perfection. A customized wedding/events package tailored to your individual vision and budget is our specialty and will add a touch of class to your wedding and events.